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With a library card and PIN, patrons in good standing can use any of the Library’s desktop computers, or connect to our WiFi network by bringing a laptop, e-reader, or tablet.

Patrons may use the Library’s computers for up to three hours per day (3 one-hour sessions), subject to availability.  Visitors to the Library can access the Internet with a visitor pass that allows 30-minute sessions per day. Non-visitors must secure a library card.

When computer stations are fully occupied, a place can be reserved for the next available opening at the Secure Access Management (SAM) reservation kiosk to assure ‘first-come, first-served’ access to our desktop computers.

Library computers are networked to a central printer and color printouts are available. Patrons in good standing are offered 10 free printed pages each day. Black and white printouts are $.10 per page; color printouts are $.40 per page. Patrons may add funds to their account at the Circulation desk for additional printing.

All printing and/or downloading must be completed within the time limits of a computer session. Users receive a ten minute warning  and a five minute warning prior to the end of a session. Users are automatically logged off at the end of each hour long session. Any work not saved will be lost at that time.  Users are responsible to save their work with their own removable devices such as memory sticks.  Memory sticks, headphones and ear buds are available for sale at the front desk.

Library staff members are on hand to assist with minor computer problems, time permitting.

For specific computer help, consultations are available by appointment. Set up an appointment by calling 236-7272 ext. 214 or e-mail staff@marlborolibrary.org .