Access More Content on Libby!

Patrons now have access to more content on Libby!

 The Mid-Hudson Library System and the Upper Hudson Library System have partnered together to give patrons access to a wider selection of e-titles in Libby! To access the expanded catalog, download the Libby app (if you haven’t already) and:

  1. Open the Libby app, select menu, and then add library
  2. Search for the Upper Hudson Library System and select it
  3. Tap sign in with my card
  4. Scroll down, and under partner libraries, choose Mid-Hudson Library System and then sign in with your card

Follow the links below for further instructions.

Instructions for Libby
Instructions for OverDrive website

If you need assistance downloading the Libby app or adding an additional Library, please call the circulation desk at 845-236-7272.