Circulation Policy

It will be the policy of this Library to define in the following statements only those policies governed by direct action of the Marlboro Free Library Board of Trustees. The methods by which these policies are implemented and the manner in which the daily operation of the Library is conducted are all covered in the Procedure Manual of the Library.

A. Borrowing Privileges

  1. Any resident of the Marlboro Central School District #1 or any person working in the community, but not residing therein, may borrow materials from the Marlboro Free Library free of charge.
    • A registration file is maintained listing each person’s name, address, phone number, place of business and if possible a local reference.
    • Proof of identification such as a driver’s license, etc., is required at the time of registration.
    • Adult borrowers are considered those over the age of 18.
    • Juvenile borrowers are considered those under the age of 18, and the signature of a parent or guardian is required at the time of registration
    • The preferred method of checkout is via a bar-coded patron card. If a registered patron has a photo ID card, and the information on this card matches the information on the patron database for this patron, checkout can occur. Repeated failure to present card may result in denial of borrowing privilege.
    • Each borrower is expected to use their own card and is responsible for all materials borrowed on their card. Unauthorized use of a card may result in referral to local law enforcement.
    • New borrower cards are issued free of charge. If a card is lost or stolen, the patron should notify the library as soon as possible. A replacement fee of $5.00 will be charged for lost/stolen or damaged cards.
  2. Any holder of a Mid-Hudson Library System Library Card may borrow materials from the Marlboro Library free of charge, with the exception of special collections.
    • Universal Borrower cards are issued at a patron’s home library to a patron in good standing.
    • Both adults and children are eligible for Borrower cards.
  3. As a member of the Mid-Hudson Library System and the Southeastern New York Library Resources Council, the Marlboro Free Library participates fully in the New
    York State Inter-Library Loan Network and loans unrestricted materials freely to libraries and patrons outside the System and the region.
  4. Beginning January 1, 2012, Marlboro Free Library registered patrons who reside outside the Marlboro Central School District will pay annual non-resident fee of $50.00 per family. Non-resident patrons have the same rights and privileges as school district residents except that:

    Marlboro Central School District residents have priority for all program and trip registration for the first ten days of each calendar month. After that time non-resident patrons are eligible for registration.

  5. The borrowing privileges of any patron having overdue materials or a record of unpaid damaged or lost materials will be revoked until the matter is resolved.
  6. Borrower cards will expire every 3 years. In order to renew a card, patrons must produce identification and must clear all outstanding bills.

B. Borrowing Rules

The patron taking materials from the Library assumes full responsibility for those materials.

  1. Loan period for books, audio books, videogames and CDs is 3 weeks.
  2. Loan period for periodicals and DVD’s is 1 week.
  3. Loan period for Item lending and other special collections as determined by the Library Director.
  4. Books and other library materials loaned on Inter-Library Loan are loaned for a period determined by the owning library.
  5. Reserve items will be held no longer than 7 days for an individual borrower.
  6. Borrowing restrictions are not placed on individual patrons, but the Library staff may in special cases, limit the patron’s borrowing privileges.
  7. Reference and Local History Collection materials are never permitted to leave the Library.
  8. In special circumstances such as high demand, assignment need, etc. the borrowing period for any library material may be adjusted by the Library Director.
  9. Specified borrowing periods and special borrowing conditions for some Library materials and equipment may be initiated by the Library Director.

C. Renewal Rules

  1. Patrons must have a library card in good standing in order to renew items.
  2. All Library materials except those on reserve or those governed by special regulations, may be renewed in person, by telephone or through the patrons online library account. The Auto Renewal feature will automatically renew eligible items. Patrons with an email address on file, will be notified of their renewal via Courtesy Notices.
  3. Materials from other libraries are governed by the renewal policy rules of the lending library.

D. Fines

  1. It will be the policy of the Marlboro Free Library not to charge fines for overdue library materials, with the exception of special collections. Patrons will be notified of overdue library materials by email, telephone or by mail. It is the patron’s responsibility to insure the Library has current contact information. At the end of the 30 days of overdue status, a bill will be issued for the cost of the items(s). The patrons account will be suspended until the item(s) are returned or paid for in full. Court action may be initiated.

E. Damaged or Lost Library Materials

  1. The Marlboro Free Library charges no fines for overdue library materials, and allows patrons ample time to search for misplaced items. At the end of the 30 days of overdue status, a bill will be issued for the replacement value of the items(s). The patrons account will be suspended until the item(s) are returned or paid for in full. Court action may be initiated.
  2. If a previously lost and paid for item is found by a patron subsequent to payment, no reimbursement will be issued since processing and reordering procedures have already been accomplished. The “found” item then belongs to the patron.
  3. If a book or item is returned in a damaged condition which makes it impossible for the Library to continue to circulate it, a replacement charge per item will be levied. The item likewise belongs to the patron.

F. Book Return

A book return is provided for patrons to return materials when the Library is closed.