Community Room Project

Welcome!  On this page the Library will share the latest updates on the proposed Community Room project. Below is a link to the project summary document, as well project timing, key updates, and a list of our very generous donors!

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Key Updates:
  • Remodel and expansion of community room to address space limitations and outdated features.
  • Remodel of north entrance including an ADA accessible entry/vestibule area.

Construction Dates:

Design Development: Summer-Fall 2023

Bidding Process: Fall-Winter 2023

Construction: Spring 2024

Estimated Project Cost: $930,492

This project is fully funded through:

  • NYS Library Construction Aid Grant: $496,954
  • The James & Elizabeth Manion Charitable Fund: $146,324.86
  • Library Building Fund/Donations: $293,635

$146,324.86 - The James & Elizabeth Manion Charitable Fund

$25,000 - John and Katherine Manion Weinstock

$25,000 - Margaret Manion & Amir Nankali

$5,000 - The Friends of the Marlboro Free Library

Community Responses & Comments:

MFL community identified the role of the Library as a "lifelong learning center for all ages" as its most important role.

99% of survey participants agreed that a good library adds value to your home.

"The room itself is dated, and could use updating and technology and safety upgrades"

"I think it is a great space, but since it gets a lot of use, it would be great if you had an additional space as well, or a few smaller spaces that could be used"

"Building needs update but staff are wonderful!"

“Not enough room…sharing adult and children’s programs.”

“It would be great to make this area larger and more readily interchangeable for programming.”