Build Your Business Series- Wednesdays in April at 7pm

2021-03-24 19:00 - 2021-04-28 20:00

Build Your Business Series
Wednesdays in April at 7:00pm

Join us and other Ulster County Libraries for this four-part virtual series that will cover topics to help both you and your business succeed. Each week, a guest speaker will present on a different topic. Registration is required. You can register for all four workshops or just those that interest you!

Session Two:

Day to Day Task Management: Tools and Accountability

Wednesday, April 14 at 7:00pm

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Once an entrepreneur embarks on their full-time journey, day-to-day task management can become difficult to balance as there are no external expectations set. Starting off on the right foot is essential to develop healthy and optimized daily habits. During this virtual presentation, Sonia Narvaez, CEO and powerhouse at Operation QOL, will discuss the most important tasks to accomplish on a daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis and tools to stay on track and keep yourself accountable on an ongoing basis. Presentation followed by a Q&A.

Sonia Narvaez is the CEO and powerhouse at Operation QOL where they focus on designing business operations for altruistic entrepreneurs to create space for them to have more impact, make more money and have more time. Sonia Narvaez, has spent over a decade in the administrative and operations field.

Session Three:

How to Lead Your Business to Success

Wednesday, April 21 at 7:00pm

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Ready to start and/or grow your business but feel overwhelmed by the next steps?
Building your business can be daunting, even in the best of circumstances. How is a new business owner to know the right place to start? In this interactive virtual workshop, Merritt Minnemeyer, founder of Master of One Coaching, will lead you through the process of understanding and applying the same leadership principles used by Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, and CEOs around the world so that you can lead yourself, and your business into the future you envision. You’ll come away with practical advice and a newfound inspiration that will keep you focused and strong as you build the company of your dreams!

Merritt Minnemeyer, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP, is the Founder & Creator of Master of One Coaching, an Executive & Leadership coaching practice helping heart-centered leaders the world over step fully into their power and enact world-changing visions without losing their minds. Raised in an entrepreneurial family in both small business and public/corporate environments, she is a highly trained coach and performer who employs 20 years in business, education, social justice, and the arts to create specifically crafted programs for each client. In addition to her coaching credentials, Merritt holds a BFA in Acting from NYU/Tisch School of the Arts and Masters in Humanistic/Multicultural Education from SUNY New Paltz.

Session Four:

Media + Website Audit – Optimize Your Online Presence

Wednesday, April 28 at 7:00pm

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During this virtual program, Lucia and Alicia CEOs of LACE Photo Media, will select one participant and do a live digital review of their website and Instagram account. We’ll begin by reviewing their Instagram account and how they can implement best practices, improve their post engagement, increase following, analyze posts’ performance, and the tools they can utilize to do this. We’ll then hop over to their website to review their overall branding implementation, design, navigation, and give our top tips on how to improve these areas and optimize their online presence for increased sales conversions.

Lucia + Alicia started LACE Photo Media, a full service brand strategy and design firm, four years ago in their hometown of Gardiner, New York. They’ve had the honor of working with small local businesses and large scale, household name brands alike. They love helping businesses establish a digital presence that resounds with their values, mission, and target market so that they can grow and thrive!

 Rescheduled Session One:

Make your Public Speaking Impactful: Use Storytelling, Mechanics and Anxiety Hacks 

Canceled: New date TBA

In this virtual talk, Jennifer Thayer, Technology Strategist, works from the premise that all speaking is public speaking and discusses the use of storytelling as a presentation anchor. She’ll also cover basics like voice preparation, better slide creation and hacks for performance anxiety. Presentation followed by a Q&A.

Over two decades, Jennifer Thayer has coached entrepreneurs, advised boards and started two companies. Jennifer is the former executive at Cablevision and former managing director of Goldenseeds, the fourth largest angel investor network in the U.S. A trusted advisor to entrepreneurs, she lends a comprehensive, unorthodox approach to business development, risk management and growth.