Garden Markers *Online* Tues. June 9, 7pm

2020-06-09 19:00 - 2020-06-09 19:30

Garden Markers- Five ways!

Tuesday, June 9, 7:00 p.m.

Do you sometimes mix up your rosemary and your lavender?  Or maybe you’d just like something decorative to add to your garden?  Join us online on Tuesday, June 9 at 7:00 p.m. to learn how to make several different types of plant markers with materials you likely have at home.  We will feature five different types of marker, and you can follow along and make whichever one you have materials for!

  1. Wine Cork- wine corks, small wooden barbecue skewers, black permanent marker
  2. Painted rocks- black paint (optional), smooth round rocks, white paint, varnish, small & larger paint brushes
  3. Paint Sticks- paint stirrer sticks from hardware store, base paint and lettering paint in your choice of colors, varnish, small and large paint brushes
  4. Pottery Markers- curves of broken pot rims, sharpie marker or black paint
  5. Wooden sign markers- bamboo stick or small branch or larger dowel, paint stick stirrer from hardware store, x-acto knife, ruler, hot glue gun, jute twine, fine black marker or black paint

Registration for this craft is required for security reasons. 

Click here to register and we will email you a zoom meeting link the day of the event.