Local Author Talk: Anthony Musso- Thurs. Sept. 28, 7pm

2023-09-28 19:00 - 2023-09-28 20:00

Local Author Talk

Madams, Mobsters, and Murders in the Hudson Valley by Anthony Musso

Thursday, September 28, 7:00pm

Join us at the Library as we welcome back Anthony Musso as he discusses his new book Madams, Mobsters, and Murders in the Hudson Valley.

Amidst the peaceful and quiet Hudson Valley, a dark element existed in its past. Through the years, that darkness took the form of bootleg distilleries, speakeasies, mobsters, and “ladies of the night” operating in plain sight – occupations more often found in large cities rather than rural settings. Yet they chose instead to set up shop in the Hudson Valley, creating large-scale, illegal, and extremely ingenious covert activities under the nose of law enforcement. This book is a true account of those activities.

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