The A, “Bee,” C’s of Beekeeping- Thurs. Oct. 13, 7pm

2022-10-13 19:00 - 2022-10-13 20:00

The A, “Bee,” C’s of Beekeeping

Thursday, October 13, 7:00 pm

Have you ever considered becoming a beekeeper? Getting honey and beeswax for you and your family, is a wonderful way to interact with nature and to learn about a fascinating and important insect

This workshop is an introduction to the basics of beekeeping and is open to any aspiring and current beekeeper. The topics that will be covered are:

• Basic honey bee biology

• Setting up a beehive (where to get stuff and the cost)

• Basic management through the year

• Honey extraction and rendering beeswax

• Honey bee diseases

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